What people are saying…

I have finally learned to love SELF. I am widening my circle of friends, enjoying my job, laughing a lot and generally reaping an abundance of all things life offers me.

Lynne Matthews

Richard Farmer does not only teach ~ like any true master, he transmits.

Jonathan Horwitz

I wanted to let you know that I have been immensely touched by the whole experience and feel liberated and blown away by it. Something that I had felt coming for a long time has been released within me and my eyes, mind and heart opened up to all kinds of possibilities and a willingness to shout out “YES” to life. And the wonderful thing is that the feeling hasn’t diminished with the passing days. I still have this energy and I feel creative in a way that I haven’t since I was a child. I’m composing songs and poems and singing out loud. I feel a balance to my life and am able to deal with life’s hiccups like they are no more frightening than a baby’s burps. The exercises you showed us with the spine and finding that place of calm and understanding have been so, so useful and clearly effective. As you predicted, I still forget, stretch too far, lose balance, but now, when I see what happened, I can move along and remember “embrace tiger and return to mountain”.

Vince Millband

Soul Moves offers a wide mix of elements and activities, including gentle interpersonal work, meditation, movement, dance, great food for soul and stomach, kindness and support, helpful conversation and some of the best music I’ve heard in a long time, all in a fantastic setting. The overall effect was for me a grounding, reconnecting and strengthening experience.

Daragh O'Reilly

The strongest feeling that stays with me is that anyone who is searching, in distress, under a strain or just interested in doing some profound “Heart Work” would be well advised to join a Soul Moves weekend.

The house and grounds and the stunning Wye River and the valley and the ancient woods are a feast for the eye and the soul in themselves. Put all that together with the meeting of fellow travellers and the two of you, well all I can say is “Wow” because there just aren’t any words for what I have been given.

Sally Kohler