What is Soul Moves?

Within each of us, behind fear’s survival mentality is love’s original divine spark. Soul Moves is the journey towards re-finding and then living that spark in daily life. Who is it for? You!

Soul Moves retreats are designed to show you gently but directly that extraordinary place of peace and aliveness that lies just behind the struggle. Everything that we need to support us in living our life and not just surviving can be accessed through the body. Using simple guided meditation and the beauty of Tai Chi exercises, time will be given for you to re-find yourself. There will also be time to reflect upon where you are in your life and where you want to be. The course then encourages you to explore how your personal re-discovery can be integrated into your daily life and thereby support you in this simple but powerful way of life.

How is this course different from others? We have all heard what we need to know many times before yet when we are threatened by life’s challenges, what we know only with the mind does not help. So this course is not about hearing these words. Soul Moves is about learning to feel and see our true nature directly, as when it is felt, it is not a theory. Once it has been experienced in our body, we become both the teacher and the student to ourselves.

What can you expect? Expect to feel the stillness behind the busyness. Expect to feel the fullness of your being. Expect to know your true nature. Expect direct tools that you can take into your daily life, your relationships, inner and outer, at work and at play. Expect to re-make the soul friendship.

Having developed a way of distilling the essence of Tai Chi Chuan so that students of this art can learn to translate it into their daily lives, Richard felt the wish to offer this gift to those who do not practise the art of Tai Chi Chuan. Why wait to be good enough at the formal structures of Tai Chi before benefiting from the more meditative aspects of it?

Richard regularly gives Soul Moves seminars both abroad and here in the UK in a number of different ways. Firstly he will come and offer introductory half or full days or non residential Soul Moves weekends to those who invite him. He also offers open residential weekend seminars for those who wish to go deeper. This can then lead onto a more in depth year long course entitled “Living Transformation” for those who want support in living their truth. This course is made up of those who have already encountered Richard’s work, those who realise that they want to put themselves back into their life perhaps after a serious illness, or who, having lost their thread, want help in finding again, those who are ready to stop practising their art, whatever it may be and start being what they know.

See the Courses link for details of courses available – we hope to see you on one of them.

Richard & Marigold Farmer